Type Of Vehicle

Small Car


Stations Wagons

2 Door

Pick-up or Jeep

4 to 5 Seats /2 Rows

Mid Size 


Any Extended

4 Door

Pick-Up or Jeep

6 to 8 Seats / 3 Rows

Full Size

Any Minivan

Any XL Model 

INCLUDES BOTH Interior & Exterior Detail & Includes 1 Set of Mats Washed. Any extras will be an additional charge.
$310 $325 $370 $390
The Exterior Detail includes a car wash. The wheels and tires are cleaned and Tire Shine is applied. The vehicle is polished by machine. 'This process removes surface scratches in the paint and protects and conditions clear coat finish. Tar is removed and windows cleaned.
$210 $240 $260 $270
The Interior Detail is a thorough cleaning of the interior of your car. We start by vacuuming and shampooing the carpets and mats. The seats are cleaned, if leather, conditioned. The door panels and door jams are cleaned. All hard to reach areas such as vents, dash and center console are cleaned. 'The car is washed and the windows are cleaned inside and out.
$225 $245 $275 $290

* * * Prices May Vary Due to the Condition of the Vehicle. * * *

Extra charges may apply. (Ex. dog hair, beach sand or construction cars, etc...)

We are not responsible for food particles and foreign objects stuck in the seat tracking areas of the inside of the vehicle. We always will try our best to remove these.


All services are completed to the best of our abilities.

We cannot guarantee stains will be removed 100%.

There are many stains that simply cannot be completely removed.

Prices do not include state sales tax.

To ensure quality, we would like to have the vehicle for 3.4 hours. 

Examples of Car Models

  • Minivan or any extended siz: Expedition, Suburban, Yukon
  • Full size SUV: Explorer, Audi Q7, Acura MDX - 3 ROWS
  • Mid SUV: Ford Base Explorer, Escape, Edge - 2 ROWS
  • Ford Excursions or conversion vans - ask attendant for details & prices

*Any overspray paint will be removed by extra charge only.


Experience the Ozone System

Rainbow Odorizer
Removes all odors

(NO chemical deodorizers used)
Ozone is one of the most effective bacteria removers on the market! An ozone works at completely destroying the compounds of the odors and not just deodorizing them.

How It Works:
The ozone is sent into the car attacking odors at the source and eliminating them. It naturally dissipates leaving a clean, fresh smelling car. As the ozone oxidizes the source and penetrates deep beneath the surface, micro-organisms and odor causeing bacteria are completely removed!

Starting at $69.99 + tax